Milwaukee, WI Auto Lenders for Those with No Credit

Times are hard right now and while you may think that a new car may be out of reach, there are many auto lenders in the Milwaukee area that specialize in getting you approved for that vehicle you’ve had your eyes on.

At, we make it our mission to ensure our customers will get a new set of keys in their hands, regardless whether they have excellent credit or no credit at all. To get connected with us, all you need to do is submit a secure online application. Once that is completed, you’ll be notified of loans you are qualified for. To get started, you’ll need just a few things.

Requirements for a Car Loan with Less Than Perfect Credit

Milwaukee Auto Lenders
The requirements for a loan are:

  • a steady employment (one year with the same employer or two years of work history),
  • a gross income of $1500 a month, and no repossessions within the last year.

Once you meet these requirements, you are ready to get started on filling out our online application.

Find the Right Local Dealership in Milwaukee

What if, however, you decide to simply go to our local Milwaukee buy here pay here dealership and then apply for a loan with us? While there isn’t anything wrong with your choice in doing so, you must consider the time and hassle you are more than likely to face. If you’ve ever been to any other dealership in Milwaukee, the salespeople seem more intent on badgering you to pick a vehicle that costs more than you had planned on spending. Then there are also the “extra” packages they insist you must have. Once you leave the lot, you’re stuck with that woozy feeling one gets when having heard one too many sales pitch.

One of the things most people do not know is that there isn’t any type of loan a dealership can offer you that you cannot get online. When you apply for a loan at a dealership, the salesperson is just entering all your information and finding a lender that will work with you. Basically, it is the same thing you’ll be doing here at When you submit an online application, you’ll-be matched to a lender and a dealer in your area. You’ll not only have the option to choose from the list of lenders who approve your application, but you also won’t have to deal with harassing salespeople.

Apply For a Milwaukee Online Auto Loan

By visiting our site today and simply applying for a loan through this online application, you’ll be matched to these lenders and begin your steps to getting your new or used car in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

By Iam_JoeClark

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